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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ok so I didn't get a chance to scan my sketches to show you all but it was a late night and I was very tired. :( No worries though I'll get'er done before Friday. It's amazing what little time a working adult has on their hands. Be prepared though for an a-MAZE-ing idea! Get it? Teehee!


  1. Awesome.. Can't wait to see the design.

  2. I've been redrawing and redrawing and redrawing my designs over and over again and I think I'm going to try work a little bit more on it tonight to make it more detailed. I am also going to work on a little bio for both the entrance design and museum itself. It will probably be along the lines of my second to last blog. Please critique me on both the designs (King Rio) and bios because you seem to be the only one whose commented thus far therefore as I'm sure you already know your opinion means a lot to me.