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Thursday, August 27, 2009

IMTA Interview #4(a) Chang Hee Kim ( American)

Interview #4(a) 2009 august 24 9:01 pm

Q Name
A Chang Hee Kim (charlie 5 )

Q Profession
A Sales Consultant

I briefed Mr Kim on the premise and impetus of the IMTA project. After some conversation i began to question him on his vision for this project.

Q "In your vision, where on earth is The IMTA be located, anything is possible and the location is entirely up to you. This is your vision."
A "Italy, somewhere in Italy.. somewhere with a long history of culture maybe Florence or Pisa."

Q "How would the exterior of the IMTA look? Is it one building many building? Is it on hills, or next to the ocean?"
A "One huge building.. has to be prestigious, the top is gold and the rest is white.. with columns in front (Greek)."

Q "What is the core mission of IMTA in your opinion?"
A "To explain the rich history of arts, I see art as a foreign language sometimes, there should be very clear explanations for the non arts audience."

Q "What would u insist on having within the interior of this project. What is unique within the museum."
A "Theaters, Omi Maxs that explain the history of the Art, to the general laymen, an extremely huge gift shop..containing the largest art book collection for sale on earth.

Q "What makes this Museum Unique as a whole?"
A "The size, and that it seriously attempts to explain the value of art to the common man"

Q "How would the IMTA comply with the prerequisite for 30 % green power
A " The Gold Top of the museum is a huge solar panel"

"Thank you Mr Kim for your time."


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