Pocket sized proposals for a mammoth project, from visionaries from across the arts spectrum.

Sunday, May 31, 2009


The Future holds many dramatic events, from the extinction of 20% of all creatures of earth , the coming collapse of all oceanic fisheries, to the advent of 9 Billion humans beings on earth. One understands the pressing concerns of governments will be to feed and police their huge populations, so what will become of public art venues? Will our leaders keep supporting the arts? What about the general population attitude towards the arts in turbulent times? One wonders if the arts will fall upon a similar fate shown in Children of Men (Alfonso Cuaron ). How will the Arts be presented in times ahead? What will happen to the thousands of art museums that dot the world?How will art be presented to possibly traumatized masses? Will art be safe? What is the future of the Art Museum?

Friday, May 29, 2009

i <3 grimshaw

an indoor rainforest that is climate controlled by lancaster's municipal waste. located in the walls of the structure are basically massive fancy compost containers that are able to receive leaves, grass cuttings, soil, waste food, paper and some textiles from the city's residents. the decomposition of these components is what maintains the climate. ever turn a compost pile in the middle of winter and see steam rise? these guys f**kin rock,


Think green ...or not.



Forum direction

Josh "tin can" Keller has asked to have forum discussions on the direction of his work, and after some thought i've decided that if that's what he wants or anyone else prefers this to bend to the will of the willing.

Chadwell and West Tilbury - Tilbury fort guarding the Thames

Maybe IMTA would not only act as a huge showcase but a kinda protector for some of man's greatest ideas

Thursday, May 28, 2009

First designs due July 20th!

First Progress report due on July 20th . This is a very relaxed report to be sent to me from the group. You may also post your ideas on the site, but i would require that images are sent to me as well, since i will give advice to you one on one rather then in a forum. From there i will suggets direction(s) for you to explore deeper. By no means does this mean you may not contact me at any time for further advice or comments.



The idea so far is to have at least 5 wallets traveling simultaneously around america!. each Wallet will be a further divided into micro curated shows The ideas for the wallet themes are as follows ( so far ..as of 2009!) The Green Projects,Idiosyncratic visions,Monumental,On the precipice and one more..


Please remember that the final design must be no bigger then 2.5 x 3.5 inches!


Temple of Burning man

colossus of ...Art..

Cenotaph for Newton by Étienne-Louis Boullée

There are two ionic visions of museum that are readily conjured.   The first is marble Beaux-Arts tomb for art.

Étienne-Louis Boullée and Claude Nicolas Ledoux  were product of a  Beaux -Arts education,  but rather than dwell in the ornate and decorative formal aspects  they turned their attention and efforts towards more visionary and utopian ideas.  

Both are warrant looking at in relationship to the IMTA, as does their predecessor Giovanni Battista Piranesi.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

More Ideas

wonderful shape

Theater of Nature Church of Art by Jesse hensel


Blue Marble Monolith

Why a museum, why a building?   

I think it is only appropriate at the impetus of this project to question/discuss why a museum is the appropriate vessel for the centralization, storage and display of art. As an artist I am continually questioning if my medium is appropriate to my message/motivation.  Does a museum building, the institutional structure actually aid or impede on the way in which works of art operate? 

title: blue marble monolith (as seen by apollo 17 and paul thek)
size: 3.5" 2.5"
medium: digital collage over mario's buisness card


These are also a few ideas for the project. I view Immediate Thought as a dry run for this project. The artists and architects were invited to quickly realize a colossal museum on par with IMTA. There was no direction after the initial premise, I intend to correct that this time around.http://www.mopaonline.com/ImmediateThought.html

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

This is what i'm looking for..

Great source of NEW SOLAR Technologies

Please post your ideas and comments, I am always open to ideas and concepts that I may not have considered.

The Premise

The International Museum of Terran Arts would house over 4 million works of art, the collection would include works of art from all the epochs and all the practices under one collection. This would be the Smithsonian of the Arts. Everything from ancient Assyrian Sculpture to Jeff Koons would be represented in the largest public art collection on earth.The building , or building complex would be massive with over 2 square miles of gallery space. What I ask from all is to create sketches( that range form very raw pencil an dink drawings to completely finished polished works) for this Arch of the Arts. This project would consist of over two years of collaboration between me and over 50 individuals. I would invite participates from across the spectrum of arts , not just artists would be invited but, curators, critics, writers, composers and untrained laymen to contribute their unique visions of the possibilities of the museum exterior. The final curated show would be displayed in a massive Museum of Pocket Arts Show sometime in 2010 or 2011 ( see www.mopaonline.com ). But The possibilities are endless. A gallery may show the works( my gallerist, Bruno David is a fan of Mopa ) anything is possible. This collaboration would require some of you to work outside your esthetic, but i would allow you to collaborate with another peer if you wish or if you do not have the necessary skills to realize your vision to your satisfaction. The Premise for the museum is rather open ended. The placement, location, size and number of buildings is up to the vision of the Idea maker. I would prefer to have a river in the sketches for scale purposes and perhaps a highway that leads into the structure, or complex. I would require that the building(s) is 50% powered by renewable energy and is built by 20% post consumer materials, this should somehow be visible in your drawings. I would also prefer something that stands out from any other building ever made. I know that's vague but hell , I want to challenge you all and myself.