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Thursday, August 27, 2009

IMTA Interview #4(a) Chang Hee Kim ( American)

Interview #4(a) 2009 august 24 9:01 pm

Q Name
A Chang Hee Kim (charlie 5 )

Q Profession
A Sales Consultant

I briefed Mr Kim on the premise and impetus of the IMTA project. After some conversation i began to question him on his vision for this project.

Q "In your vision, where on earth is The IMTA be located, anything is possible and the location is entirely up to you. This is your vision."
A "Italy, somewhere in Italy.. somewhere with a long history of culture maybe Florence or Pisa."

Q "How would the exterior of the IMTA look? Is it one building many building? Is it on hills, or next to the ocean?"
A "One huge building.. has to be prestigious, the top is gold and the rest is white.. with columns in front (Greek)."

Q "What is the core mission of IMTA in your opinion?"
A "To explain the rich history of arts, I see art as a foreign language sometimes, there should be very clear explanations for the non arts audience."

Q "What would u insist on having within the interior of this project. What is unique within the museum."
A "Theaters, Omi Maxs that explain the history of the Art, to the general laymen, an extremely huge gift shop..containing the largest art book collection for sale on earth.

Q "What makes this Museum Unique as a whole?"
A "The size, and that it seriously attempts to explain the value of art to the common man"

Q "How would the IMTA comply with the prerequisite for 30 % green power
A " The Gold Top of the museum is a huge solar panel"

"Thank you Mr Kim for your time."


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ok so I didn't get a chance to scan my sketches to show you all but it was a late night and I was very tired. :( No worries though I'll get'er done before Friday. It's amazing what little time a working adult has on their hands. Be prepared though for an a-MAZE-ing idea! Get it? Teehee!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Idea!

I am so excited to announce that I've developed a design that I am so very proud of (no images at this time but will post them tomorrow) for the museum!! So I have this theory about what inspires me..........ready for this?? EVERYTHING!!! Everything around us that's tangible, audible, visual, even edible; what's out there that you can't somehow relate to artistically??

Some of my biggest inspirations as far as visual stimulations are movies. Movies can have some of the greatest artistry plausible for an idea to develope. For instance, the way in which I created the entrance into the museum, resembles that of the female sphinx-like statues shown as the gateway of courage and truth in "The Never Ending Story". If you haven't seen the movie, I suggest you go to Blockbuster right away and rent it; it's brilliant.

My differences, though, were the design of these statues in general. Obviously no one likes a copy cat plus how can I possibly be happy with something of mine that's not really mine? That's why they call it inspiration. The exceptional concept is there but with my own originality. I'm sure I'm not the first to draw inspiration from this movie or movies such as this but that's ok because that is what I feel builds and individual artist - or at least one of the pieces anyway.

As far as my design for the museum itself, I went with something not to out of this world, but not too simple. I wanted something huge and yet individually compact in a way. This idea, as well, was inpired by another movie of interest. "The Labyrinth" is one of my favorite movies of all time! The description in itself is facinating: a maze of paths bordered by high hedges, as in a park or garden, for the amusement of those who search for a way out.

Don't get me wrong, it's not that I want to confuse everyone and have them turning around in never ending circles, but each intricate divider wall will have pieces of art work for everyone to admire and muse over. The entire building would be see through panneling/glass, including the floors. There will be an earth bound chamber in the ground (underneith the museum), spanning the entire surface area of the museum itself. This chamber will hold the most expensive pieces of art work in the museum, which will also be glass/see through.

So, though the concept may sound dizzying, it's really just an intricate maze of masterpieces to appreciate and negotiate for. There will also be 4 see through studios in all four corners of the museum that artists from around the world will be invited to come and work on they're own pieces displayed for an audience sharing personal thoughts, techniques, even their own inspirations so people can truly feel what the artist may feel or experiance while in their creative process.

Some simple concepts that I've considered are bathrooms and exits those will be labled and displayed in the descriptive sketches that I plan on posting tomorrow. I would want this entire concept to be located on a sizable plot of land, preferably with a surrounding forest, which opens up a door for an entire world of locative possibilities! Spain, Italy, Iceland, China, Austrailia!

For me, there's no limitations on where, why, or how because one of the most recent choice phrases I've been taught to acknowledge, from a very good friend, is "Make it Happen". On that note, please read, enjoy, and comment on anything and everything I've said. One of the other things I feel I grow as an artist from are critisizms, your words.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Museum Possibilities

When I think of a museum anymore, I think of blah, blah, BLAH!!! This is that moment when I can really enjoy going into a "museum" and be so overwhelmed with excitement I might just die!!! I think of this in terms of the most simplest of idea that comes to mind and that is, "What would make me happy?" A one of a kind art museum of course!!!

How could you possibly sit still knowing that you are about to embark on a new journey not just for your eyes but for your mind, spirit, and soul. This is music for your eyes to listen to all the beautiful differences the world has to offer. How much wonder there is to find and present in millions and millions of different ways to enrich one's heart. Just the possibility that you could be changing a persons life with your own personal expression; changing a persons state of mind even if it's just in that moment of onlooking, is more than anyone could hope for.

The ability to inspire people is a huge part of what art means to me and it needs to start at the front door of what holds these inspirations. A museum created by you should some how reflect you in it to some degree I believe. These sketches are rough but they are a start to what could truly be an artistic phenomenon. Please be as critical as you want I can handle it; it's what betters my motivations in the end. To view more of my ideas and pocket art work please visit my blog.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

From the Mind Of MARS-1

How does this relate?

Mega City One Stratoscrapers

From the Judge Dredd Comics
Often housing over 60,000 citizens. The Stratoscrapers often reach the heights of over 700 stories. Imagine in a distint future one of these that house only Fine Art...