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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Possibilites of Tomorrow..a portable International Museum of Terran Arts

Is it possible for a massive structure to be portable? I had a stimulating conversation with a good friend about a portable museum, although brief, I was still taken back by the possibility. At first I dismissed the idea as momentary madness from a mentor, but upon further investigation I realized that this is indeed possible and maybe advantageous. What do you all think? Would this work? Is it possible? What are the advantages? and the drawbacks?


  1. Do you know about the freedom ship?


  2. con--portable might not be the greenest option, if green remains a priority...unless it's pedaled or powered by wind or something along those lines.

    pro--it could also be looked at as an outreach service--a means of bringing art (and history) to those who do not have access to museums, sort of like the libraries have bookmobiles.