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Thursday, July 30, 2009

The new mega city.. maybe mega museum

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  1. You wanted my input so here it goes.......I lost my plug in thingy from my camra to my computer to try and down load pictures of what I've completed so far for this project. I will keep looking for it but in the mean time I am now officially done with school for the next 3 weeks so any time after five on the week days or any time on the weekend Mr. Trejo wants to check out the pieces in person, just shoot me an email, text, or call letting me know what works for him and we can meet some where or he can swing by either mine, or mama York's house. Let me know.

    As far as feedback on what has been posted here, thus far, I am very impressed by the dynamics of some of these pieces. They are very inspiring and while my own work differs greatly in many ways I will take in everything posted to improve on my own art and grow from the new challenges these pieces have presented to me in contrast to what I do and what I've done.