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Friday, June 5, 2009

TRON and Blade Runner

Are epic films but more importantly they are filled with some of the finest designs of their epoch. The Great Syd Mead is the mastermind behind most of the works and his designs have inspired me since i first encountered the brilliant works. I highly recommend seeing the classic and relevant works as soon as possible especially if you haven't seen them.


  1. It is it the premises of the design problem that we are to address a dramatically different , ruptured or apocalyptic reality?

    I think a re-imagined future is an important and powerful stance to take. I am wonder if it more radical to flatten the world and start from scratch or to propose an alteration of current models.

  2. In 1945 as the Russians had circled berlin-Hitler said to his bewildered generals and stunned Speer that the devastating Russian bombardment on berlin had a great results. It would be easy to build massive building after the eventual german victory!

  3. Mr. keller brings up fascinating ideas.
    What kind of earth would this building be realized in? What does the future of man hold? What kind of world order will dominate?

  4. These questions will determine ..where the museum is built..how it is constructed (material, design, purpose..etc..)who will have access to its archives..whose histories will be told within the walls..will the museum (being a collection of Human history and experiences) consist of only one massive building or several buildings spread across the globe? ..