Pocket sized proposals for a mammoth project, from visionaries from across the arts spectrum.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Premise

The International Museum of Terran Arts would house over 4 million works of art, the collection would include works of art from all the epochs and all the practices under one collection. This would be the Smithsonian of the Arts. Everything from ancient Assyrian Sculpture to Jeff Koons would be represented in the largest public art collection on earth.The building , or building complex would be massive with over 2 square miles of gallery space. What I ask from all is to create sketches( that range form very raw pencil an dink drawings to completely finished polished works) for this Arch of the Arts. This project would consist of over two years of collaboration between me and over 50 individuals. I would invite participates from across the spectrum of arts , not just artists would be invited but, curators, critics, writers, composers and untrained laymen to contribute their unique visions of the possibilities of the museum exterior. The final curated show would be displayed in a massive Museum of Pocket Arts Show sometime in 2010 or 2011 ( see www.mopaonline.com ). But The possibilities are endless. A gallery may show the works( my gallerist, Bruno David is a fan of Mopa ) anything is possible. This collaboration would require some of you to work outside your esthetic, but i would allow you to collaborate with another peer if you wish or if you do not have the necessary skills to realize your vision to your satisfaction. The Premise for the museum is rather open ended. The placement, location, size and number of buildings is up to the vision of the Idea maker. I would prefer to have a river in the sketches for scale purposes and perhaps a highway that leads into the structure, or complex. I would require that the building(s) is 50% powered by renewable energy and is built by 20% post consumer materials, this should somehow be visible in your drawings. I would also prefer something that stands out from any other building ever made. I know that's vague but hell , I want to challenge you all and myself.

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